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A tool to help students practice Spanish and improve their writing skills in an effective and engaging manner



Twenty Ideas

My Roles

UX Engineer

Lead UX Researcher

My Responsibilities

User Research

Sketching and Wireframing

Prototyping (lo/Hi-fi)

User Testing

Pilot Management


Feb 2018   —  May 2018 


1 UX Designer

1 UX Engineer

1 Back-End Developer


Responsive Web


Twenty Ideas partners with Avant Assessment to provide full-service technology, design and development services which support, sustain, and grow Avant’s vision to become a world-wide leader in language assessment and learning.

As the lead UX engineer, I was responsible for front-end development of LearningWrite in React.js and TypeScript. Furthermore, I developed usability studies and acceptance tests to ensure sound execution of this product. Finally, I managed LearningWrite pilot run by directly communicating with schools, conducting on-site and remote usability testings, analyzing feedback, compiling findings, and working findings back into the agile workflow.


Our goal for this project was to improve the accuracy of Avant’s most crucial grading process: writing

Problem Setting


Leveraging our writing AI tool, we partnered with Avant to forge a new, innovative writing experience that helps teachers improve writing. Offering an efficient ecosystem to assign tasks and auto-correct written responses, LearningWrite marries polished UX with cutting-edge AI.


I designed and managed the usability studies of LearningWrite by directly communicating with Spanish teachers and managing the pilot run of the product. 

Pilot Management

More than 7 schools in Oregon, Washington, and Florida participated in our pilot run and provided us with invaluable feedback that helped us improve our product and provide informative and engaging experience for teachers and students.

The following video demonstrates a remote participant who is participating in our usability studies.


Design & Implementation


Powered by Twenty Ideas's AI service, Analytic Spot, we are able to save teachers time that they can spend with students on other activities.

We were able to leverage AI to create a learning algorithm which can grade writing assessments with better statistical significance than human graders. That’s right - better than human graders.

Of all our activities with Avant, our guiding mission has been to continually improve Avant's core technology and infrastructure. Every project is an opportunity to consolidate code, streamline systems, cut costs, while still exceptionally executing on that project.


This project allowed me to share my diverse skillset in an effective manner. My fluency in Spanish, as well as my design, development, and research skills contributed to the success of this project. 

I learned that I can effectively communicate with different groups of participants to extract informative findings and insights.


Finally, this experience reassured me that I am fully capable of bridging the world of design to the world of development as a UX engineer. 

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