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Two of my main passions in life are learning and sharing my learnings with others.

The dynamic nature of the tech industry requires researchers, designers, and developers to continuously learn and be eager to expand their knowledge. In addition to being eager to learn, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences. As a result, I conduct skills-sharing workshops and do design mentorships to share my knowledge with interested students and professionals.

To join my  
mentorship sessions , you can reach out to me using:
- Amazing Design People List (ADPL)


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IxDD 2021 talk

The world we live in has been built on unsolid ground. Long before COVID, I learned this through living in a developing country, Iran, which was followed by immigration..



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Art of design critique

This session was part of UXPA UT series of workshops and talks hosted by professional designers and researchers in the field of UX.


University of Texas UXPA

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Intro to VUI design

As designers, we often find Voice User Interfaces too technical. The lack of visual interface in many cases may trick us into thinking that designing a VUI is not exciting enough, but is that true?


MHCI+D Studio

Intro to ML

ML is a tool that designers can use to enhance experiences for users. But what is human-centered machine learning and how can designers improve their knowledge about AI? 


MHCI+D Studio

Feminist HCI

Introducing Feminist HCI, its values, and use cases. Discussing its background and recommending ways to apply feminist approaches to a design process.


HUB 337

Ethical Design

UX designers have the power to change people’s behavior. But what’s the right way to use this power? How can you use product psychology to persuade people ethically?


MHCI+D Studio

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