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Below are the links to the articles that I have written. You can also read my articles on Medium

As designers, we often count on intuition as one of the primary design tools when addressing a design challenge, but what about rationality and logic? How can we combine logic and intuition to make effective design decisions? How can we bridge intuition to rationality in a design process?


Life of an immigrant

Being an immigrant can feel like building a solid house on unsolid ground, but I have prepared myself for this. Here’s the story of my immigration and my American dreams. Hope this can inspire you and help you believe that you can make a change in this world.


Become an empathic analyzer

What do these numbers that impact our lives mean? How can we interpret a 3.4% mortality rate of COVID-19? Why do we feel statistically numb when we hear that 640,000 Somali children are starving? How can we make rational decisions while empathizing with the numbers?’s a human-centered approach to empathic analysis.

A mobile app that lowers the barrier to food donation by making it possible from the convenience of the home.


Do you remember Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, the tale of an entire kingdom that ignores the obvious for fear of judgment, only to be called out by a child? What if I tell you after almost 200 years the emperor is still wearing the “invisible” clothes and many of those who see the naked emperor walking down the streets decide not to talk about it?


As human-centered designers, we focus on understanding the perspective of people who experience a problem. We empathize with their needs, and pain points. However, a lot of times we forget to empathize with our own perspectives, values, and pain points. How can we build self-empathy while empathizing with others?

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